Imagine hearing a tune, finding yourself singing along, and you don't even know the song.

That's a Mike Hamilton original!

Mike Hamilton is a songwriter and musician with a catalog of more than 100 original songs. To date he has 5 CDs, with more coming.  His style is Americana: roots, folk, country, bluegrass and an occasional reggae tune.  His songs paint compelling and memorable images: the painful resolve of a father telling his son that he's going away in "Come And Sit";  the joyful embrace of lovers meeting for the first time in "On A Sunday."  Mike's heartfelt lyrics and melodies work their way into your soul.

In addition to his solo gigs and duets with Mel, his wife, Mike leads The DON'T BLAME US Band, an acoustic group playing americana, country, swing and old-timey covers and originals.  

Mike also leads the MikeHamiltonBand, a rock band built to play and celebrate original music.
Their "2 Stupid To Lip Sink" chronicles, a compilation of original tunes by Mike and Tom Owens, is available on youtube.  An original video performances of these tunes is coming out soon.

Mike also plays bass and sings with the classic new rock band 
Rhythm Surf Monkeys, a two time Maryland Music Award Nominee for 2018 Best Rock Group and 2018 Breakout Artist.

Bookings for Mike Hamilton solo, duet or small acoustic group, The Don't Blame Us Band, and The MikeHamiltonBand.  -  301-980-7087

Mike Hamilton Originals Over 100 original songs in various styles: amaricana, folk, country, pop, rock and reggae. Here's a sample list.
120 KB
Cover Songs Here are some cover songs including country, folk and folk-rock. 122 KB

Melinda & Mike @ Teavolve Cafe & Lounge

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