"Imagine hearing a tune, finding yourself singing along, and you don't even know the song.
That's a Mike Hamilton original."

"2 Stupid 2 Lip Sink Chronicles"

              The "2 Stupid 2 Lip Sink Chronicles” are the chronicles of two days of audio and video recordings of the Mike Hamilton Band. The sessions were recorded live at Mission Road in Maryland.  On December 19, 2015 the band spent the day capturing our original acoustic music. December 20th was dedicated to our original electric music. These are all live recordings of the full band, hence the title “2 Stupid 2 Lip Sink Chronicles.” Each song posted will be a different volume of the chronicles. Each month we will post another volume or two available at youtube and our website.

                 The Mike Hamilton Band is deeply appreciative of the efforts of Howard Parker, the recording engineer, and Colin Rowe and Christian Larsen, the cameramen. They all worked extremely hard and brought a enormous amount of talent to the project.
Big River, originally released on “Pardon My Confusion…,” is Volume 15 of the "2 Stupid 2 Lip Sink Chronicles", and came about from a visit to New Orleans. I was raised in a small town and there were many times I was bored to tears and just dying to leave and see what the rest of the world was about. This song is about a guy living in a fictitious river town who's friends are leaving left and right and he wants to leave too. Does this sound familiar?
Laughing In The Rain, Volume 14 of the "2 Stupid 2 Lip Sink Chronicles", was originally released on the No Doubt Crypto album. This song just makes you want to dance! We have a lot of fun playing this one! Its a true story and one of those within-the-band songs about a band member who loved the music but loved a life style more. At least that was the thought at the time, but everything worked out and left me with another song and Laughing in the Rain
Here's Diamond Stealer, Volume 13 from the "2 Stupid 2 Lip Sink Chronicles." This song was originally released on the No Doubt Crypto album. I wrote this many years ago and I still haven't figured out what it means!  But that's OK because it's another chance to showcase Melinda's excellent vocalizing!
I hate war and the cost in human life that comes with it. Blind Avenue, Volume 12 of the "2 Stupid 2 Lip Sink Chronicles", was written about wars and 9/11 and how the media plays out the ugly realities of these horrific events for us - right in the comfort of our living rooms. It's all so futile. It's just a Blind Avenue.