Imagine hearing a tune, finding yourself singing along, and you don't even know the song.

That's a Mike Hamilton original!

The MikeHamiltonBand is:
Mike Hamilton (vocals, guitars, mandolin)
Melinda Hamilton (vocals, guitars, mandolin, keys)
Tom Owens (vocals, bass)
Dexter Keane (vocals, drums, percussions)

The MikeHamiltonBand was formed as a vehicle to perform and record original music.  Melinda and Tom played with Mike in his former band, No Doubt-Crypto, and they have performed on many of Mike’s recordings and live shows over the years.  Dexter joined the MHB in 2015. Mike produced and recorded music for Dexter’s reggae and Soca releases and Dexter performed on Mike’s latest releases “Open Book” and “Pardon My Confusion, Can You Direct Me to the Other Side of Nowhere”.

Mike Hamilton 
(Guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica, Vocals)
            Mike Hamilton grew up in Titusville, a small town in the mountains of Northwestern Pennsylvania. In the 1960s he was listening to Jimmy Rogers, the Carter Family, Hank Williams, Stanley Brothers, Bob Dylan, the Beatles and the British Invasion. Mike started playing music in high school and formed a band and began writing songs. In the 1970s his music was heavily influenced by The Band, Jefferson Airplane, Joni Mitchell, CSN&Y, John Prine, David Bromberg and The Eagles. 
            Throughout the 1970s, Mike Hamilton toured as a solo act performing his original music at concerts, festivals, clubs and special events. He was often referred to as “Mr. Energy” because of his high energy performances. In 1978 Mike moved to the Washington, DC area. 

          He formed the band DESIRE which evolved into the band NO DOUBT CRYPTO, recorded the NO DOUBT CRYPTO album featuring original music and founded the Joe Bag O' Donuts (BMI) music publishing company. In the next decade he turned his talents to producing and engineering his own music and regional acts around the mid-Atlantic region. He was the chief engineer for Roar Productions Recording Studios in Columbia, Maryland and founded his own production company, BigHouse Productions. Mike opened Mission Road in 2003 to record his original music and engineer and produce projects for independent and regional releases. Working in the recording studios Mike was heavily influenced by an endless stream of talented musicians and diverse musical styles.
               After No Doubt Crypto Mike performed on bass and vocals with the Blues Attitudes and Torchers before resuming his solo artist career. Between 1995 and 2013 Mike recorded and released the following CDs: Beggars & Poets, Appalachia, Open Book and Pardon My Confusion, Can You Direct Me To The Other Side Of Nowhere?. In 2014 Mike formed the Mike Hamilton Band as a vehicle to perform and record original music. He considers himself to be the luckiest guy in the world to have had the musical experiences he’s had and the wonderful friendships he’s developed through the universal language of music.
            From his life experiences and influences it's no wonder Mike is as much a storyteller as a songwriter. It's also no wonder that the subjects nearest and dearest to his heart are reflected in his songs of the working man's everyday life with its struggles and triumphs, fears and joys.

Melinda Hamilton 
(Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Mandolin, Keyboards)

               Melinda fell in love with the guitar at age 10. The folk/rock music of the 60s was perfect for learning to sing and play guitar. She loved the sounds of Peter, Paul, and Mary; Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Carol King, James Taylor, and Joni Mitchell. In the 70s and 80s she was heavily influenced by the group vocals performed by bands like The Beatles, The Eagles, CSNY and Fleetwood Mac.  It was a magical time for music and formed the basis for her musical style.

            In 1981 she met Mike Hamilton and fell in love with his music.  Melinda and Mike formed the bands Desire and No Doubt Crypto and were quite successful performing in the mid-Atlantic region throughout the 80s and early 90s. She has performed on all of Mike's solo albums and live performances and was a key contributor to the album No Doubt Crypto.

            Melinda's sense of harmony is key to MHB's vocals. She has been exploring other musical instruments including piano, organ, synthesizers, mandolin and octave mandolin.  She brings a unique and original style while performing on these instruments. 

            Melinda continues to play many types of music with a variety of musicians and her experience and talents are reflected in her work with the Mike Hamilton Band. This is an exciting period for her musical growth.

Tom Owens 
(Bass, Vocals)
               Tom began his musical journey in his teens as a drummer and guitarist. He grew up in Maryland and played with local bands: Neurotics, Technosound, Tight FIt, Chrystal Tower, and No Doubt Crypto. In the 90s Tom formed the band BFD and released the album "Looking Ahead, Moving Along" in 1998 which showcased Tom's vocals and songwriting abilities. Tom reunited with BFD in 2014 and wrote most of the songs on the album "The World As I See It" due out in 2016. Not only did Tom use his vocal, drumming, guitar and songwriting skills on the album, he produced, arranged, recorded and mixed the album in his home studio.