Here are The DON'T BLAME US Band members

Mike Hamilton  (Guitar, Vocals)

 In 2019 Mike formed The DON'T BLAME US Band, an acoustic group that performs Americana covers and originals, made up of some of his oldest and dearest friends in the business. DBU is currently playing locally with hopes of increasing their reach to national venues. 

Mike considers himself to be the luckiest guy in the world to have had the musical experiences he’s had and the wonderful friendships he’s developed through the universal language of music.  From his life experiences and influences it's no wonder Mike is as much a storyteller as a songwriter. It's also no wonder that the subjects nearest and dearest to his heart are reflected in his songs of the working man's everyday life with its struggles and triumphs, fears and joys.  (Click here  for Mike's full biography.)

Melinda Hamilton  (Mandolin, Vocals)  

Melinda has a strong sense of harmony vocals, but has been branching out by performing lead vocals more often with The DON'T BLAME US Band.  Her primary instrument with DBU is the mandolin and she has been developing her own, uniques style.  Melinda continues to play all types of music with a variety of musicians and groups, and her experience and talents are reflected in her duets with Mike Hamilton and in her work with the The DON'T BLAME US Band, the MikeHamiltonBand and the Christian group Lost & Found. This is an exciting musical season for Melinda. (Click here for Melinda's full biography.)

Dave Goodman  (Fiddle, Vocals)

Fiddlin' Dave has been playing fiddle forever it seems.  As co-founder the The New Early Sunrise Band, Dave enjoyed playing "Hard-core honky-tonk country and western swing from Baltimore back in the 90s."  There is no mistaking his fiddle style: chrisp, imaginative and most of all, fun.  

Dave is a founding member of The DON'T BLAME US Band and has been taking more opportunities to lead songs from some of his favorite artists.  


Howard Parker (Dobro Guitars, Harmony Vocals)

Howard came on to the DC music scene in the mid 80s after studying with Nancy Griggs and the dobro legend Mike Auldridge.  He signed on with local power house Cathy Coakley to form Too Far Gone, a contemporary bluegrass band active for most of the 80s. In the 00 decade Howard teamed up with Archie Warnock to form DeSoto, another modern ensamble with a unique vision of bluegrass. Woodpickers, Tonehounds, The Cropdusters and Gunsmoke and Cheap Perfume: These are just a few of the groups Howard has played with over the years.  

Most recently, Howard can be found playing pedal steel guitar witht he WAMMIE nominated Michelle Hannan & One Blue Night, and dobro with The DON'T BLAME US Band.


Rich Stabler (Harmonica, Vocals)

Rich has played harmonica for 40 years.  Besides the DBU band, and Mike and Melidna Hamilton, RIch has played with many locally well known musicians and bands including Deanna Bogart, DarrylDavis, Diamond Alley, Ron Land and The Blues Habit, Eric Scott Trio and so so many others.

Rich says "I admire all the harp players before me, but I try to be original in my playing."  And It's true.  He can play virtually any style or genre.  Rich brings a certain drawl and jive to the DBU Band. 

His goal?  "Rock on to The End of My Days!"  So says The Hoochie Harpman.

John Thurston  (Bass)

There is a hugh challenge when it comes to writing a John Thurston bio.  For one, he's the most humble person on the planet.  Secondly, because of his humiltiy, it's difficult to extol his greatness.  

John is a luthier's luthier.  He knows more about stringed instruments than most people know about their own bodies.  The suprises come when John picks up an instrument and starts to noodle.  Then, with amazement, it's clear he knows the instruments he plays intimately, and he knows what they can do.  John plays bass with The DON'T BLAME US Band.  He nails the bottom end and keeps the groove going in a way no one else could.  When he plays, you smile.  Brilliant is not too big a word for John's playing.

Stan Lapinski  (Accordian)

Stan hails from Bayonne, NJ.  He's been playing, composing, and directing musical groups for more years than he can count.  If someone can play it, Stan can chart it.  (A running joke within DBU, we are the UnChartables!)  Just ask Stan.  

Nevertheless, Stan plays the accordian as if it were a part of him.  And I guess in truth it is.  He's been playing for double-digit years with no signs of slowing down.  Stan also plays piano and you can hear him on the MikeHamiltonBand project, "2 Stupip 2 Lip Sink" Chronicles.   

Jason A. Baker  (Drums)

Jason is the newest member of The DON'T BLAME US Band.  Just take a listen to one of the tracks on the DBU web site and you'll see how completely perfect Jason is for our sound.  Click on his name above to check out his Facebook page.